Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mark Baker's Pigs

Mark Baker raises Mangalitsa pigs in Michigan. I've written about him before. He uses the pigs as part of an integrated pig/chicken operation.

He provides his pigs with clean water. That's important. Whenever I see big pigs at nipple waterers, it looks like they are abusing them.

Photo by Michael Clampffer of a boar drinking.

There's a boar in Austria drinking. He likewise looks like he's abusing the waterer.

Here's pigs at Baker's demonstrating that you can give them all the space in the world, and they'll crowd together, cheek by jowl. This is something others have noted, and explains why pigs can be raised in a variety of systems.

Baker's pigs are so fat and lazy, they don't even bother to eat that chicken that made a wrong turn and got into the pig pen, which is funny, because they know how good his chickens taste.

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