Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chicken Fried in Mangalitsa Lard!

I recently started working a processor that can give me a USDA-inspected lard. I really love that, because extreme lard-type pigs produce a lot of very high-quality lard. I've finally got a lard that's ready-to-use.

The first batch of lard I got is smoky, because of how the processor rendered it. It works well for frying or sauteing. In the future, I look forward to having lard like that produced in Austria - as neutral as possible - because that's suitable for baking and frying.

One advantage of Mangalits lard, for frying, is that because of its special fatty-acid composition, it can be used many times before needing changing. As Pick, a major Hungarian "mangalica" producer, says:
The Mangalica fat is easier to digest among the animal fats due to the advantageous fatty acid composition. It is especially tasty due to the special tastes and aroma substances concentrating in fatty tissues. Its other advantage is that it does not become rancid so easily lt and it can be used several times for frying.
A customer, Bobby Bourne, bought a bunch of the first batch of Mangalitsa lard for frying up chicken. He says it tasted great. He sent me photos:

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