Saturday, October 24, 2009

Butchery in the News Again

There's a New York Times article about butchery classes.

A while ago, Reuters had a similar article. At that time I wrote:
Of course, Wooly Pigs and other Mangalitsa producers take it much further: slaughter, seam butchery and other skills, like preserving meat, rendering lard, cooking organs, etc.

The next such class is in January, in New Jersey, hosted by Mosefund Farm.

I helped to make a similar class happen back in early 2009.


Heather said...

Heath, would you let me know when you are thinking about having another class. I would be really interested. Thanks!

Heath said...

The next class is in January, in NJ.

I don't know where any future classes will take place.

If you really want to go to that sort fo class, that's the one to go to.