Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Swinery Buys a Pig

The Swinery (Gabriel Claycamp's company) has ordered a pig from me. It will be an F1 Mangalitsa.

That's a pig with a Mangalitsa parent (and a non-Mangalitsa parent). I also sell such pork as "Mangalitsa-sired": pork from a pig sired by a Mangalitsa boar (and having a non-Mangalitsa dam, or "mom").

I've sold a lot of Mangalitsa-sired pork to Monsoon. If you've eaten at Monsoon in the last year, and you had something listed as "Mangalitsa-shire", that was "Mangalitsa-sired" pork.

Chefs tell me that most diners can't tell the difference between our Mangalitsa-sired and Mangalitsa pork. People who've eaten plenty of both can usually tell the difference.

People like The Swinery's (Gabriel's) products. I know he's made good stuff from other pigs we sold him. As the new pigs are of higher quality (due to Mangalitsa genetics), I expect he'll make even better stuff. I experience this recently with my new bacon; customers (and I) who ate the old stuff and the new stuff agree the new stuff is a lot better, just because of the tremendous improvement in genetics.

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