Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Calling all Magyars

I ordered a bunch of sweet Hungarian paprika so that we could make Hungarian-style lardo - Paprikaspeck. Here is a picture of what the finished product looks like - beautiful red and white blocks of fat.

To make that product, I had to order 30+ pounds of sweet Hungarian paprika. That's a lot.

If anyone has any suggestions on what meat products (e.g. fresh sausage) to make from the paprika, I'd appreciate hearing them. I'm inclined to make paprika and garlic fresh sausage.

One neat "trick" I learned from the Wiesners is that when you make paprika-flavored salami or sausage, it makes it look like there's more meat in the salami or sausage than there really is. That's good, because Mangalitsa fat tastes great (and there's a lot of it), so the more you can get away with using, the better.

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