Monday, February 8, 2010

Austin Banach & Nudel Restaurant's Tasting Menu

Photo by Austin Banach

I got an email from Austin Banach, a chef who also works at Rubiner's in Great Barrington, MA. Read more about Rubiner's here - it is a neat story.

He not only attended Mosefund's 2010 Pigstock, but he also did a Mangalitsa tasting menu shortly thereafter in Massachusetts, with chef Bjorn Somlo.

Photo by Austin Banach

Here's some of Austin's photos from the event and afterwards - you've got everything from slaughter all the way to fancy plated dishes (#1, #2, #3, #4).

Austin says that in about a month, they'll have a tasting of lardo and guanciale.

When I look at Austin's photos, I'm reminded that Mangalitsa pigs taste so incredible, they attract talented individuals to the task of turning them into delicious food. You see the same pattern with professionals like Austin, Devin Knell, Keith Luce and again with serious amateurs.

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