Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pigs are Hard to Kill

The video above shows that pigs can be hard to kill. The student at Mosefund's 2010 Pigstock's job is to shoot the pig in the brain with the bolt gun. The pig's natural instincts are to stay away from the humans and try to rejoin the other pigs.

The pigs that got slaughtered before this pig were a lot more trusting, explaining why the've already been turned into pork. They came out to investigate the humans and see if maybe there were any treats.

In the end, Christoph Wiesner grabs the pig, to stop the endless pig chasing. The student should then come in and stun the pig. But he isn't able to do it, so then Isabell, Christoph's wife, stuns the pig for him.

Hopefully this video makes it clear why slaughterhouses are the way they are; they make it easy to humanely and economically slaughter animals. One consequence of their design is that they don't look natural, look nice or seem fair - but of course, that's not the point.

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