Friday, February 26, 2010

Modern Luxury Magazine, Mangalitsa Dinners

Modern Luxury Magazine reports:

Who: Napa Valley Grille
What: Guess that farm! This Friday, join chef Joseph Gillard for a four-course dinner pairing Napa Valley wines with a variety of lamb dishes, which features organic meat from an undisclosed location. Dishes are set to include leafy mache and young butter lettuce salad and lamb meatballs, and if you didn't reserve one of the 25 available seats in time, it's not the end of the world—the chef's next dinner, which pairs Mangalitsa Pig with Central Coast Pinots, is already scheduled for March 12...

I love that title, "Modern Luxury Magazine".

Mangalitsa is a modern luxury. About a hundred years ago, they were luxuries, because although lard-type pigs like the Mangalitsa were common, people were broke and couldn't afford them. Now people are rich but food has gotten so cheap, Mangalitsa appears very expensive compared to other choices.

There are other Magalitsa dinners going on around the USA:
EDIT: Modern Luxury Magazine is on top of the Mangalitsa phenomenon, mentioning that Klee in NYC and Ardesia will serve a bunch of Mangalitsa (produce by Mosefund, by the way):

Friday Even though there’s a solid foot of snow on the ground, Klee Brasserie chef Daniel Angerer is already thinking warm weather and open-toed shoes. Now through March 20 he’s offering a three-course dinner menu combining winter and spring ingredients including mangalitsa bruschetta with winter greens...

Pork is king right now, and the Mangalitsa, a curly-haired hog that’s gracing menus all over town in various forms, is the star of the show Sunday night at Ardesia, where chef Amorette Casaus is doing a $30, three-course porkapalooza. Course one: frisee salad with cannelloni beans and Mangalitsa bacon bits. Course two: Mangalitsa three ways—braised, seared and smoked—with winter vegetables...
I'm really starting to like Modern Luxury Magazine!

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