Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wooly Pigs Brand Mangalitsa at Twist Restaurant

Twist restaurant (run by 3-michelin starred chef Pierre Gagnaire) ordered some of our new Austrian-style cuts from Foods in Season.

I hope Twist likes what they ordered!

There's so many things that can (and do) go wrong when dealing with meat.

I won't get into what they ordered - but they did order a bunch of our unique cuts. I'm not surprised that the first customer to go for these special cuts is a restaurant like Twist.


Anonymous said...

Dear Heath,

Thanks for the comments. Althought Twist is in our Hotel we order the product for our all day dining restaurant MOzen.

We are featuring 2 cuts on our new tasting menu, here are the 2 dishes:

WOOLY PIG served in two courses

Red wine Braised cheek, apple-wood smoked bacon lardons, 65C egg, potato “pave”
Grilled sirloin, glazed cipolinni onions & wild mushrooms ragout with Serrano chili, and smoked mac-n-cheese

The Menu Starts tomorrow and a photo or two can be found on our Face Book site (once it gets loaded)

I'm sure once Twist finds out we are using this incredible product they will want some too. I'll be sure to show Twist Chef de Cuisine Pascal Sanchez your product.


Shawn Armstrong
Executive Sous Chef
Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas

Heath said...


Thanks very much for the info.

I'm interested to get any feedback I can (positive or negative) about our products.

You are welcome to email me ( or call me at 253-833-7591.