Sunday, May 16, 2010

Anthony Hubbard Delivery - Rillettes

I delivered pork to Anthony Hubbard's restaurant today, in preparation for the upcoming Cochon 555 event.

Anthony wasn't there, but the staff was.

I gave them some Mangalitsa rilletes so they could see what the stuff tastes like. They all liked it, but one guy was clearly moved by the stuff a lot more than the other, so I gave him the remainder to eat.

Many people have tried the rillettes. What's interesting is to see that some people think the stuff is too rich and has too much flavor. Basically, they aren't used to eating food that's very flavorful. Mangalitsa rillettes - which are super flavorful - bother them.

Other people - the ones comfortable with meat, I guess, really seem to like it. They take to it very quickly - and they seek it out repeatedly after eating just a little bit.

I think the situation is similar with Atlantic and Pacific salmon. Pacific salmon has a stronger taste. For that reason, I don't seek out Atlantic salmon the way I do the Pacific. I don't even like to eat wild-caught Atlantic salmon. I'd probably eat farm-raised Pacific salmon (if such a thing existed) before I'd eat the Atlantic stuff (wild or farm-raised) - just based on taste.

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