Friday, May 28, 2010

Mark Bittman Like Mangalitsa Meat AND FAT! ---- PR observation

Mark Bittman wrote about a special pork roast (mine!) that he got from DeBragga. I've quoted him, elided him and made bold the things I'd like to emphasize:

... I was lucky enough to be given one of these, a boneless pork loin so fatty that some people will find it repellent. Others (most, I hope), will find it supremely appealing, as I did. I poked holes in it, crammed them with salt and garlic and pepper and rosemary, roasted it over potatoes, without paying much attention (and without olive oil), and served it, ecstatically – it was the best piece of pork I’ve had in years. Some of us ate every piece of fat we encountered, and loved it. Others set the fat aside – despite scolding by yours truly – but appreciated how moist the lean was, as well they might have.

The downside is that this roast costs about a hundred bucks. At over four pounds, it’ll easily serve eight, so the per-serving cost is, if not moderate, then perhaps justifiable for a special occasion. (Pork roasts of any kind are special occasion foods in my book, and the argument is if you’re eating less meat you can afford to spend more on it when you do eat it.) I am still getting use out of the fat I poured off of it, too, which I’ll get to tomorrow or the next day.

Then he's got a post about using the fat to cook something. Basically, his fancy roast got him a great piece of meat and a bunch of tasty fat. The tasty fat made some simple ingredients taste much better.

It helps to have a distributor like DeBragga getting the word out about the product. Without the distributor doing your PR, you've got to do the PR, which typically involves hiring a publicist.

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