Friday, May 21, 2010

Ready to Bite

Here's a sow that looks like she's ready to bite. If you were to reach in to her pen, I think she'd bite. If you stood there too long, she might jump up and bite you, just to get you to move along.

She doesn't care that you feed her or take care of her; her hormones tell her to attack you, so she does. It is important to think of pigs dispassionately. Normally, when you start to like them, that's whey they do something disappointing.

A boar will typically make signs before he attacks, like stamp his feet. He will typically attack from the side. Sows just attack, without warning, from any angle. If you get your foot too close to a sow's pen, she might just stick her snout through and bite.

Humans and pigs share a lot of basic behaviors - especially in some contexts.

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