Monday, May 10, 2010

The Next Sous Vide Supreme

It seems a lot of people (and restaurants) are curing and aging meat at home - some illegally. Serious people (and restaurants) build rooms with equipment that automatically controls the temperature and humidity.

That just seems to irritating, especially for foodie yuppies who live in apartments. They want to cure their own meat, but they can't construct things like that. It got me wondering if anyone produces machines - perhaps just converted refrigerators - to do the same thing.

I'm thinking the same people who want the Sous Vide Supreme would want these.


bbum said...

Homebrewers use converted refrigerators and freezers all the time. I built a kegerator-- keg cooling with built in taps-- out of a 5 cubic foot chest freezer.

The key is the external controller. A simple device with thermostat, temperature probe, and a relay. You set the thermostat on the freezer to the coldest possible and the temperature controller takes care of the rest.

I'm thinking about a second chest freezer with controller so I can do temperature controlled fermentation and lagering. However, it should be useful as an aging/curing solution, too.

The temperature controller will run you about $70 at any good homebrew store.

Morgan said...

I use a converted wine fridge. Built-in digital thermometer, portable humidifier. Pretty simple. Works like a charm.

Unknown said...

i built an 8x6 room in my garage, it has a window a/c and a humidifier. i use it for wine storage and a place to age meat. i would have loved to have been able to just buy a temp/humidity controlled chamber.

scott said...

Heath, it's pretty easy to transform a normal refigerator. I have ZERO mechanical inclination and I figured it out. External temperature controller, as mentioned above. A humidifier inside the refrigerator, and a humidity controller(hygrostat).