Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lafitte Restaurant (San Francisco, CA)

Lafitte in San Francisco is serving our pork, some Iberico and some meat-type pork (Berkshire) tomorrow - according to Grub Street.

The Iberico that is coming in is all frozen. I like that, because pretty much all the pork Wooly Pigs sells is frozen.

There are some chefs who refuse to use pork that's been frozen. I'm hoping that - due to a desire to use the highest quality ingredients - some of them will choose to use Mangalitsa and Iberico, despite the fact that they've been frozen.

Although imported Iberico is the most obvious competitor for our Mangalitsa, if it leads to chefs being more open to high-quality frozen pork, that's good for Wooly Pigs.

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