Friday, May 21, 2010

Mangalica Telep 1931

This video from 1931 shows Mangalitsa pigs in Hungary.

It reminds me of these photos of a modern farm in Hungary - and these Spanish videos showing the processing.

Even 110 years ago, they had farms that look a lot like today's - dense farms with lots of pigs.

Large-scale pig fattening has existed since the 1800s. People who want to return to a time before large scale feeding of livestock on modern farms want to turn the clock back approximately 200 years.

You guys really need to eat that pig.

It is very hard to imagine what that would look like. Food would cost a lot, like it used to. We'd see a lot more skinny people, like the people standing behind those ridiculously fat Mangalitsa pigs.

I suggest you click on the bottom, sepia-toned photo, and look at how gaunt the humans are, and how jowly that sow is. She's got a wonderfully calm and jowly face (think cured jowl!). Just don't get between her and her food.

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