Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Der Tagesspiel on Pig Breeds - Mangalitsa the best

Foto: Andrew Perris (aus dem Buch "Schöne Schweine"
von Andy Case, Landwirtschaftsverlag Münster)

Der Tagesspiel writes about pigs and pork - specifically high quality pork, nose-to-tail cuisine, marbling, etc.

The picture they use a blonde boar, photographed on Christoph Wiesner's farm.

It mentions some things that I've brought up before. Here I'm quoting the Google translation of the article:

Who wants to buy quality, must make the usual meat counters a bow and seek alternatives. Niche players to experiment with old pig breeds, such as anglers semi-pigs, Bunte Bentheim, Schwäbisch-Hall, Mangalitzaschweine, Hampshire, Duroc. Which are often crossed with modern high-performance boars, for pure-bred pigs of old breeds often with too much fat. Still, the best meat, Wolfgang Müller has ever eaten came from a purebred Hungarian Mangalitzaschwein. "Great, I have a fine lard, bacon fat, cut that was firm and crunchy!" Says the Berlin Koch.
That's an entirely typical result. E.g. study #1 and study #2.

In Europe, Wolfgang Mueller can get pork from various breeds. It isn't like the USA, where choices are quite limited. You have to figure he's got a good sense of what's on the market. Unsurprisingly, Mangalitsa tastes the best; if you've got the money, its the stuff to buy.

More translation:
Meat Researchers Branscheid holds the neck portion of the pig, which has often retain the best marbling, for particularly interesting.
People love pig necks, fresh or cured. If I want to give someone his first taste of Mangalitsa, I prefer to sell him a piece of neck, because it makes a very good impression.

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