Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Portland pig cook-off followed by brawl over the provenance of pork

Readers of this blog will enjoy this Cochon 555 related story from Portland.

My favorite comment from the Oregon Live website:
nikonf2: "Pretty much a quintessential Portland story: Hipsters, Foodies, excessive drinking and a strip club. Only thing missing was whether they traveled by bicycle, streetcar, or Prius between venues."
I'll be at the Cochon 555 this Sunday in Seattle.

Ignoring the influence of the alcohol and strippers, the brawl supposedly started because a non-local pig triumphed in Portland's Cochon 555, (judged on taste). This is something I've written about before: local doesn't necessarily taste the best.

EDIT: More funny stuff here.


b baxter said...

apparently portland takes their pigs as serious as england takes their soccer

Portland Charcuterie Project said...

what a bunch of douchebags.

Heath said...

I talked with Pig Breeder #1 about the incident.

He views human behavior through the lens of pig breeding.

His point: combine the alcohol, naked women and a bunch of alpha males, and you'll have fights.

Boars can get along just fine if its just boars, but if there's females in heat around, the boars get riled up and commence fighting. It is unavoidable.

There's some other interesting sides to the story. For instance, sows prefer to stand for scarred up, ugly-looking old boars instead of younger, less scarred up boars.

That fits with results like this: basically, guys with facial scars (caused by fights) are more attractive to women for "short-term relationships".

Sow-boar relationships are all very short; the boar doesn't provide for the young.

Another thing I've read is that women looking for "short-term relationships" are attracted to guys who defend the weak, particularly family. In this followup to the Portland incident, you'll see:

"[Bechard] honestly took two hands and pushed Carolina. It just took it to a whole another level when you attack my girlfriend,” Lowe says...“

So if you are a woman looking for a "short-term relationship", Brady has two things going for him now - scratches/wounds on his face from fighting and a history of fighting other males to defend his girlfriend.