Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New York Launch

DeBragga is hosting a dinner next week. A bunch of New York's best chefs will attend.

I'll be there to explain what we do and why. We'll eat a bunch of Mangalitsa pork and products, including products made by our customers - Johnston County Hams and Knight Salumi.

DeBragga has managed the invitations, venue, etc. If you want to attend and haven't been invited, you'd better talk to your DeBragga representative.

If you had told me just 4 years ago that I'd be rubbing elbows in such company - and providing the food that we'd be eating - I wouldn't have believed you. Wooly Pigs has made a lot of progress in very quick time.

I've worked hard to make this happen. Obviously I couldn't have done it without Christoph Wiesner (and his family).** They have worked hard (for essentially nothing) to make something like this possible - by exporting Mangalitsa pigs and transferring what they know about fattening, slaughter, cutting techniques and processing.

When I look at the New York launch, my hope is that later in the year, if it is clear that New York chefs are adopting our products, we can bring Manfred Stockner to New York and have him teach people how he uses Mangalitsa pigs in a fine-dining setting.

** Many other people have helped Wooly Pigs to get where it is today too; if you've read this blog, you've likely read about them already.

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