Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pick Salami Available in USA Again

I just read that Pick will ship their "téli szalámi" to the USA again. The depreciation of the forint has made it worth upgrading their processing so that they can export salami to the USA.

I don't think this salami will be Mangalitsa salami!

It will just be their normal stuff - which is still outstanding. There are standards for salami in Hungary. They get the feed and age at slaughter correct, which gives them a quality advantage.

The first Mangalitsa product I ate, that got me interested enough to go to Austria and import Mangalitsa breeding stock to the USA, was Pick's Mangalitsas salami.

Pick's quality on their Mangalitsa products has been spotty. I've had some that was great and some that wasn't. Overall, it would probably be good for American Mangalitsa producers if they were importing Mangalitsa salami, because Americans would be talking about Mangalitsa more than they are now.


Anonymous said...

We just bought three sticks of Pick Salami at "Otto's Hungarian Import Store. " They have been carrying the real www.HungarianDeli.com/Deli.htm Hungarian PICK SALAMI and shipping all over! They can be ordered from href="http://www.HungarianDeli.com">www.HungarianDeli.com WOW!!! They seem to deliver all over the World. We got the Pick Salamis and Hungarian wines today. Our family has already finished most of the Pick Salami sticks and the Hungarian sausages. My Hungarian Dad and Uncle really loved the products for their birthdays; I will be ordering again and their Hurka and Poppy Seed Beigli will be next on my shopping list!

Heath Putnam said...

As good as the Pick Salami is, their Mangalitsa product can (depending on the batch) taste a lot better. I've head really great ones and I've had not so great ones.

David said...

Hi. I am currently living in Germany temporarily. We buy Pick salami here which can be found pretty much everywhere.

Would anyone know if I can LEGALLY have a friend ship them to me once I get back to the states.

thanks, David

Heath Putnam said...

I think some of their regulary Pick salami is USDA-inspected. I don't think any of their mangalica szalámi is.

If you see a "USDA bug" - a circle that says, "U.S. Inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture EST," then you know are OK. Here what one looks like.

If you look at this Spanish product, I think you can see a white circle with writing in it on the bottom left. I think that's a USDA bug.