Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mangalitsa Workshop Followup

I talked with Bryce Lamb, chef of Brix 25° in Gig Harbor. He recently got a half a Mangalitsa pig. Among other things, he served a customer a whole tenderloin, and that that customer said it was the best piece of meat he'd ever eaten. Additionally, he did a dish composed of a piece of Berkshire loin and Mangalitsa loin. Customers all preferred the Mangalitsa. That doesn't surprise me given results like these.

I talked with Riley Stark of Willows Inn (Lummi Island). They recently slaughtered their beloved Mangalitsa. After it finishes curing, people can love it in a different way. He was able to use the videos I took at the 3-day Mangalitsa workshop to break down the carcass. Christoph Wiesner even sent him a Rippenschlinge so he could do it as at the class:
Seam butchery part 1
Seam butchery part 2
Seam butchery part 3

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