Monday, March 23, 2009

New Mangalitsa Producer - Suisun Valley Farm

Shane Petersen of Suisun Valley Farm

Wooly Pigs is the only breeder of Mangalitsa in the USA. We sell neutered feeder pigs to other farms.

Our first customer was Red Mountain Farm - provider of Mangalitsa to The French Laundry, whose operation got written up by the San Francisco Chronicle. As evidenced by the glowing reports from their customers, they do a fantastic job. On March 31rst, Eccolo is having a Mangalitsa dinner, using their pork.

In addition to Red Mountain Farm, we've sold pigs to a number of other farms, including Mosefund Farm of Branchville, NJ and Earthy Delights & Bakers Green Acres.

Marie Nguyen of Suisun Valley Farms

The newest Mangalitsa producer is Suisun Valley Farm of Fairfield, CA. Run by Shane Petersen and his wife Marie, they'll finish their Manglitsa pigs (who are now very young) on acorns. Their farm is close to Napa Valley.

As the photos show, Shane and his wife attended the Mangalitsa workshop at The Herbfarm. They got to learn and practice a number of Mangalitsa skills, including seam butchery.

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