Friday, March 20, 2009

Eccolo Mangalitsa Dinner - BERKELEY, CA - Red Mountain Farm

Kylan Hoover of Red Mountain Farm with his Mangalitsa

Wooly Pigs provides Mangalitsa feeder pigs - and expertise - to farms like Red Mountain Farm.

Red Mountain Farm's Mangalitsas have an incredible view:

The Mangalitsas' view from Red Mountain Farm

I'm happy to report that there's a Mangalitsa dinner in Berkeley, CA at Eccolo, which will use a Mangalitsa from Red Mountain Farm. If you live in the Bay Area and want to eat Mangalitsa from a local producer in a restaurant setting, this is a great chance. Here's the info:

Eccolo Newsletter March 19th 2009
Farmer Dinner with Red Mountain Farm and Martin Bournhonesque Tuesday, March 31

Join us for a special dinner on March 31st with two of our favorite farmers: Kylan Hoover of Red Mountain Farm(Livermore, CA) and *Martin Bournhonesque* (Salinas, CA). We'll be cooking with Kylan's exquisite Mangalitsa pigs, also known as "wooly" pigs, and Martin's legendary specialty produce, from wild arugula and cardoons to kumquats and avocados.

Both farmers will be at the dinner to interact with guests and discuss their work and products. Jesse Schwartzburg of Star Meats will also be present to discuss the fine art of butchery.

The menu will be priced a la carte, with most special items available in half-portions to allow diners to sample a larger variety of dishes...

Please reserve your table early, as we expect this dinner to fill up
quickly. Call us at 510.644.0444 or click here to make a reservation.

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