Monday, March 23, 2009

Pork by Wooly Pigs in New York City

Mangalitsa-Berkshire piglets at The Herbfarm

I'm hearing from Michael at Mosefund Farm that The Spotted Pig will be serving some pork belly from us starting on Wednesday. The bellies formerly belonged to some of Mangalitsa-Berkshire crosses.

Michael reports that Michelle Kung (author of a recent Wall St. Journal article on lard) is going The Spotted Pig to eat some of that pork belly with Jennifer McLagan. Jennifer's book "Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient, With Recipes" is nominated for a James Beard award.

If you want to eat Mangalitsa, The French Laundry (Yountville, CA), The Herbfarm (Woodinville, WA), Monsoon (Seattle, WA) and Harbor Brix (Gig Harbor, WA) might have it. In addition, there's a dinner March 31rst at Eccolo, in Berkeley, CA.

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