Monday, March 23, 2009

New Jersey Mangalitsa Workshop - January 2010

Christoph Wiesner roasts a Mangalitsa, caveman-style.

Mosefund Farm has announced that in about 9 months (January 2010), they'll have a Mangalitsa workshop in New Jersey.

Christoph Wiesner, President of the Austrian Mangalitsa Breeders' Association will instruct, teaching the students:
  • Slaughtering, scalding, eviscerating
  • Organ processing
  • Breaking down carcasses - e.g. seam butchery
  • Making lard
  • Curing Mangalitsa - Lardo, Speck, salami, etc.
Students will buy a hog from Mosefund. They'll slaughter it, under Christoph's supervision. They'll break it down (under his supervision) and turn it into products.

Christoph teaching seam butchery

Short of going to Christoph's farm in the Fall, when they kill their Mangalitsa, you'd never get this kind of instruction on such high-quality pigs. Space will be extremely limited. Contact Michael of Mosefund Farm for more info.

I'm confident that Mosefund and the Wiesners will make the event a success, just as the Woodinville Mangalitsa event was a success. Given that it will be such an amazing event, so close to New York City, I think the media will surely cover it.

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